The knives on this page are ones I made since I started and are shown for reference purposes only.














This knife set was my pride and joy to date. Both knives are made from 'Damasteel' in a 'Grosse Rosen' pattern. The set now belongs D. Nicholson out in Dubai.

As I reiterate here, the most beneficial and interesting aspects of my knife making hobby is in the making of the knives. I continue to make knives for myself and cherish every one of them, but when I come across a real enthusiast who appreciates quality asks me if I would let him have a certain knife, then I'm most likely to agree to let him have it. In this case, David has proved himself more than worthy of owning this set, but other Damasteel knives from me as well. 


The large knife measures 250mm long and the small knife 195mm long. Handles are Ivory and Black linen Micarta over red fibre liners and secured by three Mosaic pins and lanyard tube.


Unfortunately my photographic skills don't do proper justice to this exquisite knife set. These knives have to be seen and handled to be truly appreciated.


I've always shied away from working with Damasteel on account of the expense involved and a lack of confidence in my skills level to turn out something to be proud of. Well, it just goes to show that you don't know what you can achieve until you have a go. I'm so glad that I overcame my self doubt and got on with it!


UPDATE: Late October 2014 I received a request from a gentleman living and working in Dubai for three top spec Damasteel knives to be supplied within the week! With no chance of fulfilling his request, I offered him this Damasteel set and another Damasteel knife I made for myself. He decided to go for this set and the deal was done. The following morning, while getting the knife set ready to send to him and still wondering if I acted in haste, I decided to make a video to show that not only are the knives beautiful, but they're also very sharp and workmanlike. Damasteel knives can take and hold an excellent edge as good as and even better than many popular knife steels. See for yourself...


...and below is the very same set (numbered 1) featured in the April 2013 issue of the GQ Magazine.

The fact that I'm on the same feature as Alan Wood and other notable makers is kudos enough for me!




Scandi Set in a side-by-side sheath




Large knife is a Stromeng Sameniv 7" blade - Called a Leuku or Saami knife.


These type of knives are typically used by Saami Reindeer herdsmen; large knife for large jobs, small knife for small jobs. They make excellent camp knives and can be used for everything from gathering fire wood, butchering and preparing meals and anything else that needs doing.


As can be seen I've gone slightly unconventional again with the sheath as I wanted it lay flat against me whichever way I chose to wear it - hence the side-by-side configuration.


I made this knife set for my Stepson who lives in Oz as he's a keen hunter and outdoorsman. 


Guardian Knife set

in AISI 52100 Bearing steel




Large knife is a heavy duty Leuku style made from 52100 Bearing steel in Denmark by a master Bladesmith.  It's a full tang 375mm overall length with the blade being 250mm long, 39mm at its widest and 4mm thick.


The small knife is a first Guardian prototype (PFK1), also in Bearing steel made for me in Denmark. The handle for both knives is made up of Red Deer Stag antler and Black Buffalo Horn over red fibre liners secured by brass pins. The pommel is a 3mm brass plate riveted to the tang.


I made this set, along with the one on the left, back in 2005, to take with me to Oz where we would be hunting in the Bush and Rainforests and generally camp wild. The set served me very well, but on returning to England it proved a bit too big, so it ended up as part of my varied knife collection.


Forward to 2013, an opportunity arose whereby I was able to pass on this set to a friend of mine, who's a real big time explorer/adventurer who mostly works in extreme environmental conditions. My knife set couldn't have found a better home...



Karl's Talisman Leuku Set


This set consists of a 210mm bladed Leuku and a Talisman - both in 52100 Bearing steel of course.  A matching Firesteel and a Sharpening steel have also been included.  Handle style of the Leuku is complimentary to the Talisman.







Karl's Damascus Talisman Set


This set consists of a Damascus Talisman and a Beaver together with a Firesteel and a Sharpening steel - all in Afzelia Burl over red fibre liners.



Below is the same knife set that has been altered to suit a new end user from Belgium who acquired the set from Karl.


Each knife has its own Sheath and the grind has been sharpened to shaving sharp hence the mirror finish.



Although I was unhappy at first with this set being traded by Karl, I'm now very pleased indeed that it is in the hands of a real gentleman who truly appreciates it and will actually use it.   


Stephen's Damascus Talisman Set








Another nice example of a Standard Damascus Talisman set, this time for Steven MacDonald.  It was agreed that the Firesteel and the Sharpening steel  would not form part of the piggyback sheathe, hence the additional pouch that has a belt loop. In the pouch are carried the Firesteel, Striker and Sharpening steel.






This is what Stephen had to say after he received this set...


Hi Paul


Picked up your parcel from the post office today, arrived home and unwrapped the package…….


Wow. On your website you suggest that sheath’s aren’t your thing; I don’t agree. Shape and form – just right for me, sat on my hip perfectly. I’d wondered if the sheath would sit proud but it sits really close to my hip and thigh, the ‘form’ is spot on. And then there’s the working on the sheath and the pouch – it must have taken hours and its really impressive and unlike any other sheath I’ve got – almost too good to wear when I’m out and about. But I will, and I’m sure the character that they develop through use will make them even more treasured.


And then the knives – the full Talisman is perfectly sized for my hand – substantial and ‘right’. The blade is …. awesome. I’ve seen a good few Damascus blades over the years, but not like this with a polished ‘full grain’ running with the layers tip to tang – I can’t wait to get out and try it out. Same for the little Talisman – beautifully made as its bigger brother and perfect for food prep, whittling and shaving etc. The little one has a needle like point which I may work off a little; I remember being given a Spyderco with a similar point a few years ago – when he handed it over (in its box) the armourer said ‘be careful, its got a sharp point. When you've cut yourself on it bring it back and I’ll sort it!’ He was right, I prodded myself with it first time I used it, and he used a stone to just ‘ease’ it back a bit. It wont be visible but will save me stitches.


I really like the scales on both knives – buffalo looks and feels so ,,,,,, I can’t think of a word to describe it ….. perhaps ‘right’ is what I would want to say but I’ve said that already.  And just sufficiently variegated so that you can tell it’s a natural product, not a plastic.


I’ll be out and about in a couple of weeks and take the knives with me to put them through their paces. I’ll let you know how they perform (although I’m very confident they’ll be fine).  I think the pouch (it is ornate, as you’ve commented on your website) is spot on, although it will stand out on my belt. Thanks for going the extra and making it for me.


A brilliant piece of work all round Paul – I’m really grateful for your time and effort. I’ll be proud to use them, and I know my mates will be all over them in the field and as jealous as anything. I’ll keep you posted on what I get up to with them.


Thanks again.






Big Kev's Leuku Set


This set This set consists of a 210mm bladed Leuku and a Guardian - both in 52100 Bearing steel of course.  A matching Firesteel and a Sharpening steel have also been included.


The handle of the Leuku compliments the Guardian knife.  Moreover, if you look closely at the way I made the handle up, you'll notice it's quite unusual.  The Horn scales are solid pieces from which I cut out sufficient material and replaced with antler inserts.  It was a laborious task, but the end result is unique and definitely worth the trouble.


Big Kev has got huge hands, hence the substantial size of the handles.  Kev is, by trade, a highly qualified and skilled Engineer and works for RR no less!  He's got an excellent eye for detail and is a very practical sort of guy, as versatile and flexible a man is hard to find.  He's recently taken up knife making and is producing some very nice stuff, which pleases me no end as when we get together we're forever discussing ideas.         






My Carbon Bladed Leuku Set



This is just a standard matching carbon bladed set that I made up more by way of experimenting than anything else.


I tend to like substantial blades, so anything less than 3.5mm is on the thin side for me.  However, much to my surprise, this set turned out very well, very light and manageable. Both blades cut very easily and would serve as a very useful general camp knife set or on hunting trips.


The handles are one piece Spalted Maple, with a 3mm brass bolster and end cap.  Unfortunately the picture doesn't do them justice, but trust me, they're quite nice...


In fact I was so pleased with this set that I ordered 3 more Leuku blades, but slightly bigger at 210mm and 3.4mm thick.  I haven't quite decided what smaller blades to match them up with, but sooner or later something will come to mind...


AF's Leuku Set



Above is one of the three sets of Leuku/Puukko blades I ordered after building the set shown above.


These are based on Swedish Udeholm Carbon steel with handles made up of Black Buffalo Horn and Red dear Antler with Red fibre liners, the whole sandwiched between 4mm thick brass plates.


Overall this set is much more substantial and very much to my liking.








Well, all good things come to an end at some time or other. This last of the Leuku blades was paired up with the Talisman Mk2 blade and the result is a classic knife set that looks good and fit for purpose.


The Piggy back sheath benefited from not being encumbered with the firesteel etc. loops. Instead, the Firesteel and striker, Tungsten steel and and Ceramic rod have been kept separate in their own matching pouch that can be worn on the belt or hanging from the neck.


I'm very pleased that this last set went to a very worthy new owner, who, I'm sure will appreciate it and make good use of it for many years to come.



440c S/S Bowie set





Damascus Bowie set





Damascus Bowie set






Damascus Bowie Set



This set has a composite handle made from Antler, Camel Bone and Black Buffalo horn.


Both this set and the one opposite in Red Deer Antler and Black Buffalo horn have the same 200 layer Damascus steel Blades.


The large Bowie is 330mm long, 45mm wide and 5mm thick. The blade is 200mm long.


The small Hunter is 230mm long, 25mm wide and 3mm thick. The blade is 115mm long.


NJ's Leuku Set







Above is a Leuku set based on Swedish Udeholm Carbon steel with handles made up of Black Buffalo Horn and Red dear Antler.


NJ wanted a Walking Stick as well, so I matched it as best I could with the knives.







Hi Paul,

        My knives have just arrived and they are spot on what I hoped for. As you will know it takes a while for a new knife to become one  with the owner but with these I am sure it will not be long.

      Again my very best regards  Nick



Some information about these type of knives.


The Sami knife (Leuku in Finnish, Stuorniibi ("big knife") in Sami), is a large knife traditionally used by the Sami people.


The Sami knife has a long, wide, and strong blade that is suited for light to medium cutting and chopping, such as for butchering, shelter building, camp duties, brush clearing, firewood chopping etc. Typical Sami knives have a blade length ranging from 200 to 450 mm. although anything from 200 to 300 is considered ideal for daily use.


The blade should be strong enough to split (reindeer) bones and is typically made from Carbon steel rather than stainless steel as this can break in very cold conditions. The tapering tang runs through the handle, which is is often made from birch. While the handle has a distinctive shape to it, it has no cross guard. The blade itself has a distinct flat sided cutting edge to it often referred to as a 'scandi grind'. The knives are excellent outdoor tools and are excellent for use by Bushcrafters.


The Sami people normally use two knives; the smaller one often called a Puukko, which is ideal for small jobs and food preparation. As is always the case, this small knife is also of the 'stick tang' type, made from Carbon steel and has a Scandi grind.


I based my original Leuku / Puukko set, in concept at least, on the original Sami traditional design on the premise that ideally one should carry a large knife for large jobs and a small knife for small jobs.


As I wanted something more in line with a British preference for a substantial full tang knife design that would suit a wide range of jobs, from light through to heavy duty ones, I opted for a full tang handle and 4mm thick 52100 Bearing steel for both the Leukku and the Puukko. As can be seen from the sets I made up, the pommel end of the handle can be flat or rounded according to personal preferences.


My own personal prototype Leukku was 375mm long with a blade length of 250mm long, which was OK for the Australian Bush, but somewhat too hefty for British situations. When I ordered the first batch of new blades I reduced the over all length to 320mm, with a 210mm long blade and 110mm long handle. These proved to be just right in length, weight and balance and all who got a Leukku from me where very pleased with them.