The knives on this page are ones I made since I started and are shown for reference purposes only.













From its inception the Talisman proved a very popular knife and has remained the most sought after knife model




Mark 1 version shown on the left and the more substantial Mark 3 version on the right. 


 The Dimensions of the MK3 are:

Overall length - 228mm; - Blade length - 115mm; - Handle length - 112mm; - Blade thickness - 4.2mm; - Widest part (at Ricasso) - 35mm; - Widest part (at start of cutting edge) - 32mm; - Widest part (at pommel end) - 32mm; - Type of Grind - Scandi; - Depth of grind - 9mm; - Pin holes - 3; - Lanyard Hole - 1.




The Talisman's is designed as a medium to heavy duty Bushcraft knife. The current version is in D2 steel. Although not stainless, D2 steel is easier to maintain and will not stain or rust anywhere near as quickly as 01 tool steel if not meticulously maintained! That said, it's always a good habit to clean your knife after use and definitely before sheathing it... 













A nice pair of matching Talisman / Opinel combos in Black Buffalo horn.








Both knives in Afzelia overfibre liners with matching Firesteels.




Bushmaster in Sambar Stag and Olive Wood





Bushmaster in Leopard Wood



Bushmaster in Snakewood




Desert Ironwood and Sambar Staghorn




Black Buffalo Horn







Super Bushmaster

in Masur Birch




Super Bushmaster

in Desert Ironwood




Super Bushmaster

in Black Buffalo Horn




Super Bushmaster

in Green Micarta




























Above is my very own 52100 Bearing Steel Guardian, serial number 01.  The handle materials are Stabilised Curly Birch and Malachite. The Sheath is from 3.5mm Veg Tanned leather and as can be seen, very detailed.  It has a standard short belt loop as standard as well as an adjustable loop on a 'D' ring for wearing under a long coat and provides more freedom of movement.



The First Guardian that I made




The Guardian made from 52100 Bearing steel handled in nicely figured Cocobolo, with three brass pins and a brass lined lanyard hole topped by a solid brass cap.


The Blade is 105mm long, 28mm wide and 4mm thick.  Overall the knife is 220mm long.


The Firesteel has a matching Cocobolo handle. The Sheath is British bushcraft style in 3.5mm veg tanned leather, double row, double stitched with firesteel loop.


This one above went off to Mike in the USA...



This last MK2 Guardian that I made.




The handle is quality Amboyna burl over red fibre liners. As for first Guardian, this one too went off to the USA to John and this is what he said about it...


"I wanted to mention that the knife is fantastic and it makes most knifes look like amateur hour. I own some very nice knives but this is at the top of the list and is one solid tool. I am looking forward to using it this summer while camping in our mountains. Thanks again and I will send you an update to let you know some of my experiences"


Best Regards,  John Gager




(In Damascus)



This Sheath can be worn 'short' directly on the belt through the small (2 1/2") permanent loop or, 'long' by using the extension loop, which can easily be detached if required. although not really necessary as it tucks in neatly behind the sheath anyway.





The one above has a re-enforcing brass ring




Above and below are two types of Scandi hanging type sheaths that can be worn either side with the knife's cutting edge facing up or down to suit personal preferences.  This type of Sheath allows lots of freedom of movement and very useful when wearing Parkas etc.






(In 52100 Bearing steel)



A very nice Bearing Steel guardian in Black Buffalo horn over Red fibre liners.



Five nice Guardians all in highly figured triple dyed Masur Birch from Finland.




This lovely example now belongs to R. Gibson.


My PFK-1

(Guardian prototype)



Every knife enthusiast/user has their favourite type of field knife and mine is the Guardian. Yes, the Talisman is my most popular knife, but I started off with making the Guardian and that's what I use most of the time.


I've made and owned some very nice traditional Bushcraft type knives. For what it's worth however, I believe that in terms of overall practicality the Guardian design and fitness of purpose is superior to the more traditional Woodlore style knife.


Of all the knives I have to myself, in almost all cases, I use three knives on a regular basis and each one is of the Guardian design. I use the above PFK-1 along with my big Leuku and carry both together in a Piggyback Sheath. When I just need to carry the one small knife Bushcraft type knife, I carry the Damascus Guardian as shown below.


As for handle material, yet again I have my preferences. I really love wood in all its stages, the Burls especially. For myself however, I prefer to use Black Buffalo Horn and Antler (alone or combined) because they look so classy, are tough, practical and easy enough to maintain. 




This is my very own Swedish Damascus Guardian that I use regularly. Since the photo was taken the grind is nearly completely mirror-like through sharpening.